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        I used to throw BBQs every weekend. My dad long time friends would come over and Lara and I would swim. Even when I was 8-that was when I first got to the pool-me and Lara would play out acting scenes in the pool.

        We never played barbies in the pool or Marco Polo or anything. She’d be like, Okay, you play the girl who blah blah blah and I play this. And the entire time, I remember us playing memaids and I was the mermaid who was the diva or whatever.

         We were totally acting out the whole thing-it was so great! We have so many great memories together to count-and we know they’re just going to be making as more as continue.  

I Just Made This…..

I Just Made This…..

Life is’nt about finding yourself, its about creating yourself.

— Kendall

How I Outsmarted Lara (My BFF)

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Me: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Lara: To get to the other side
Me: No, to get to your house
Lara: ...
Me: Knock knock
Lara: Who's there?
Me: The chicken
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tell Selena happy birthday! :) 

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It started as a book. Then a movie. A personal obsession. A phenomenon. An era that is now ending. My childhood. A part of me, that I’ll never forget. Lets dedicate this quote to the one and only, Harry Potter.

— Kendall Jenner

Best friends means killing each other over a bag of chips & not saying sorry but… Saying: HAHA TOO BAD LOSER. This is why me & Lara Aslanian Are BEST friends.

— Kendall Jenner(ME!)


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I was bored so I said “Wow, that’s a weird place to put a piano.” You wouldn’t believe how many people looked around for a piano. I was in an elevator.

The meaning of x’s

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x= friendsxx= close friends
xxx= i like you
xxxx= your cute
xxxxx= your hot
xxxxxx= i want you
xxxxxxx+ = i love you
no kisses = i hate you and i dont like your existance.

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